Ventown Mission


Our mission is simple.

At Ventown, we connect the World's local communities and make them more productive and successful.

Ventown Innovation


Geo-fence and more.

From geo-fenced communities to location based offers and real time deals, Ventown is using today's technologies to provide you the future in local shopping and event experiences.

Ventown Community


We connect communities.

Closeness to the community is what it's all about. When you join Ventown, you get access to people, organizations, updates, and insights that help you build trusted connections and stronger relationships. All by geographic location and interests.

We need to listen to what our community is saying on social media…and be responsive to what they say…it’s our responsibility to keep our community engaged, and provide everyone in the community real-time updates about issues that they could be concerned about.

Bill Daley, Captain, Orange Corners Police Department

I like this app alot. I've connected with a few businesses and communities related to surfing and I get notified about promotions or events. It even tells me when I've entered a surfing community based on my location.

Jason - Free Member

We have a real community of supporters so I created a branded community on Ventown. We give our customers a place where they can interact with us and each other to share ideas, get answers to their questions and give recommendations to their friends through word-of-mouth. We know the best marketing is always our customers. There is no magic in that formula.

Harry Bennet - Owner Harry’s Organic & Natural Foods

Our shopping district has grown not as a result of a world-wide social media presence, but rather because many local business owners have joined our Shopping Community. We give customers the mobile and social shopping tools they want, while supporting each other and helping our community thrive.

Betsy Kraft - Business Owner

Communities are a fundamental building block to our society and because our society shifts to doing more and more online each day, we knew that to stay desirable and keep our residents engaged, our community must manifest itself online. A connected community is a stronger community. The possibilities are endless.

Gene Quinn - Mayor of Orange Corners

Welcome to Ventown

We're here to take local communities online

Every local community, business or organization can setup a free account. Ventown makes money unobtrusively, by selling premium services to communities and businesses that add value - you'll see these clearly labeled "Featured" around the site.

Our location-aware system accesses information and aggregates it for you, for each community you've joined. You'll hear everything you need to know, in one place. We also let you control how and when you receive your messages - whether by web, mobile, email, text or social feeds - making it easy for you to engage. You can access Ventown via our iPhone or Android mobile apps.

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